Fydelity Flapper Teal/Silver Fydelity Fanny Pack (SCT83825ST)

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A New Way To Carry ThingsLeaving the house? No, you're not; not without your trusty bag of things. Your things are very important to you and why wouldn't they be? They help you do literally everything. Going to the store to buy a gallon of milk? Not without your stuff! What if you're standing in a long checkout long and you're bored to tears? Thank goodness you have your trusty fidget spinner with you, now you're bored no more. Leaving the house empty handed just isn't a good idea and keeping all your important stuff in this handy (and sparkly) Teal/Silver Fydelity Fanny Pack is. The...
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Opis produktu

Fydelity Flapper Teal/Silver Fydelity Fanny Pack (SCT83825ST) Opinie

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