Chicago: Chicago II (Steven Wilson Remix) [CD]

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Nr katalogowy: MR07416950. Dystrybutor: Warner Music Poland. Lista Utworów: 1. Movin' In. 2. The Road. 3. Poem for the People. 4. In the Country. 5. Wake Up Sunshine. 6. Make Me Smile. 7. So Much to Say, So Much to Give. 8. Anxiety's Moment. 9. West Virginia Fantasies. 10. Colour My World. 11. To Be Free. 12. Now More Than Ever. 13. Fancy Colours. 14. 25 Or 6 to 4. 15. Prelude. 16. A.M. Mourning. 17. P.M. Mourning. 18. Memories of Love. 29. It Better End Soon: 1st Movement. 20. It Better End Soon: 2nd Movement. 21. It Better End Soon: 3rd Movement. 22. It Better End Soon: 4th Movement. 23...
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Gatunek muzyki
Wykonawca Chicago
Ilość nośników 1
Rok nagrania 2017

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